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Buddhism Beliefs

The heart of the Buddhist religion, many would say, is the idea of reincarnation.  Buddhists believe that a person is reborn into another body once they die and this process repeats itself over and over again.  At a certain point, once one has gone through multiple cycles of dying and being reborn, the Buddhism beliefs state they can achieve nirvana.  This nirvana is focused on a person achieving the ultimate liberation and freedom in their lives.

Buddhism Beliefs - 3 Practices of Buddhism

    Sila - deals with one’s own virtue, goodness, and overall morality being good.  Also encompasses idea of giving to the world what you want to receive back; and also remembering that all should be treated equally (mimics Christian principles here)
    Samadhi – involves having proper mental development to assist with control of the mind
    Prajna- says that wisdom will come with a pure and clear mind and then you will have enlightenment

Buddhism Beliefs - 4 Noble Truths

    Acknowledgment that suffering exists in the world (called Dukka)
    What suffering we do see in the world is happening for a reason (called Samudaya)
    if That this suffering does have an end (called Nirodha)
    The way toward this end is said to be achieved by following the 8-fold path (called Magga)

The 8-fold path can be broken up and split into these 3 separate categories described below:

    Wisdom – related to right view and right intention
    Ethical Conduct – related to right action, right speech, and right livelihood
    Mental Development – related to right mindfulness, right concentration, and right effort

Like all religions, Buddhism has many different beliefs and systems.  What is listed above is intended to give you basic idea of some of the fundamental beliefs all Buddhists share whether in Nepal, Tibet, Lhasa or Australia.



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