Buddhism Rituals

Prayer – the word for prayer is Puja.  Prayer (or Puja) is supposed to be extremely specific.  These prayer were designed to express one’s devotion to God.  There are specific prayers that are known to be utilized within; some of the prayers are listed as:  the Golden Chain Prayer, the Refuge Prayer, the Mealtime Prayer, and the Metta Karuna Prayer.

Meditation – this is one of the most known rituals associated with the religion of Buddhism.  Meditation is said to help the Buddhist get closer to the ‘path of enlightenment’. 

Mantras – sacred sounds which are repeated over and over again and is used to assist with mental concentration.  The word itself comes from Sanskrit and is said to mean ‘protecting the man’.  The mantras ‘Om’ and ‘Aum’ are the most commonly used of all the mantras associated with the Buddhism religion.   

Mudras – images used to symbolic bring to mind specific deities with the religion (a comparison would be certain saint a Christian might think of prayer.

Evoke Sangha (or assembly) in order to perform the 3 gates which consist of

-the body

-the speech

-the mind

And also, acknowledgement of the 3 bodies of Buddha

- Dharmakaya

- Smbhogakay


Many Buddhist rituals are held in Temples and/or Meditation Halls.  In addition, as some of the rituals in Buddhism are ingratiated into the lives of its followers, many of the rituals also take place in the home as well.