Buddhism Symbols

Lotus Flower – this spectacular flower is a symbol of Buddhism and is rooted squarely in the religion.  The flower grows in deep, muddy, and murky water; but once the stem makes it out of the dirt it opens up into a most spectacular bloom.  This is process is a symbol of Buddhism and the walk that its followers must follow in order to reach a state of ‘nirvana’. 

Dharma Wheel – this wheel is also a standard symbol within Buddhism.  The three basic parts of the wheel are pointed out (hub, rim, and spokes).  It is the spokes (8 in total) which get a lot of the attention with regards to the symbolism in Buddhism. 

Hub – axis on which the earth stands

Rim – represents the limitations we all face in life

Spokes – represents the following of the Eight-Fold path that is prominent within the teaching of the Buddhist religion.

Footprint – the Buddha footprint is known as the ‘Buddhapada’ and is an early representation of the Buddhism religion (outside of the statue of Buddha).  When Buddha first became enlightened (history says) it is said that the footsteps made thereafter on a stone left this imprint.

Stupa – this is a mound that covers important Buddhist relics and has become a monument to the Buddhism religion.

Lion – this animal is associated with courage, power, royalty, and strength; it no wonder that the lion has also become a symbol for Buddhism.   In fact, the ‘lion’s roar’ is what Buddhist teachings are often called.

Throne – a throne is associated with royalty, after all kings and queens are supposed to sit in them.  Buddhism uses this to relate the idea of being followers of Buddhism being a part of spiritual royalty.