Therevada Buddhism

Therevada Buddhism comes from earliest recorded teachings of Buddhism recorded.  This particular practice of Buddhism involves taking it back to the origins of the religion and practicing Buddhism the way that it was practiced originally.  It is the Doctrine (or Teacher) of the Elders and is related to the Tipitaka which it contains.

Initially when Buddhism was started the teachings and traditions were passed down and taught rather than written down.  Therevada Buddhism teaching came about to prevent false teachings from being passed down, this was to be the preserved original teaching of Buddha.                        

Most will find Therevada Buddhism to be…

·         Conservative

·         Closely related to the original teaching of Buddha

·         Was founded in India

·         Practiced by people living in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Maylasia, Indonesia, Singapore as well as the Western World

·         Is composed of three basic parts (known as 3 jewels) of Buddhism (Buddha, Dharma (teaching), Sangha (community)

The traditions normally included as a part of Thereveda Buddhism include:

·         Zen Buddhism

·         Nichiren Buddhism

·         Tibetan Buddhism

·         Shignon

·         Shinnyo-en

·         Pure Land

·         Tendai

This particular portion of the Buddhism religion is actually born out of an earlier version of the religion called Vibhajjavada which is really the ‘doctrine of analysis’ and is really more of an extension of it.  

Although Thereveda Buddhism is extremely popular in a place like Sri Lanka, it is still on the rise in the West, a place that has not been the traditional place for practicing the religion.  The report is that there are over 100 million worldwide who practice this more classic and conservative form of Buddhism.